I dance ballet and some latin dance. These excerpts are about the struggle of finding the "balance" of being an adult and having a strenous full time (and expensive) hobby.

A for Effort

I drag myself out of bed from work last night.  Get dressed. Debate going to see the live stream of the Russian ballet at the Theatre. Decide to go to class instead. Actually put my hair in a classic ballet bun with a hair net. Snag my prepacked dance bag from last night. Get on the bus. Head downtown. Watch Royal Ballet class videos on the bus on the way to class. 40 minutes later… walk to the studio. Get to class. Watch the previous class. Change. Walk into the studio & realize I just missed my class.  Almost cry. Take a deep breath. Head to the coffee shop for an herbal tea. My card is charged twenty times on accident because the screen froze. I grab my tea & take this opportunity to smile. One. Of. Those. Days.