ballet + boxing

Beginning ballet today we had a visiting dancer from New York. I prayed she wouldn’t stand next to me at the barre, because she was chiseled rail thin and was  wearing calvin klein.

We focused on doing most of barre in releve and also balance turns. My teacher is relentless and will make us do one exercise several times until the entire class is drenched in sweat. And then sometimes, she will even say, hmmm. I think one more time.  I ended up not intimated at all by the new york ballerina and we had an insightful class. My pique turns are still….”challenging.”

I then went to boxing class where I feel a little intimidated because I am still a beginner. I don’t have the corporate look that every single person in my class encompasses. Then I didn’t have a partner for part of class,  so I just did the exercises on my own. Also, I am a south paw which no one likes to pair with. My coach just watched me out of the corner of his eye and finally put me in a group of 3, which I could tell were less than excited to slow down for a new person. However, I didn’t care and when the guy in my group tried to slow down and half ass the steps for me, I ignored him and did the more advanced moves. Out of everyone in class, besides the red haired guy who is an incredible boxer, I was the last man standing for all of our cardio and core work. My teacher stopped me at the end of class and asked me why am I so quiet. I just shrugged my shoulders and said “what is there to talk about?”


center splits