I am tired and slightly broken from ballet. Oof. Dare I say I hit it too hard last week. 5 days almost in a row. My teacher made some comment that I was blowing the rust right off. 

I struggle to straighten my back leg & open up from the hips. 

I am progressing at an “enveloppe” speed. I’ve been watching more and more videos which is helping me visually understand the body, feet, how to move, and how the body all cohesively moves together like a pendulum of weights acting and reacting. 

I’ve had a full week of ballet; a busy work week plus I worked the boats this weekend, my poor eyes were almost swollen shut. 

I also caught the local “prowler” (finally) in our yard which was good & awkward considering I didn’t have any clue who it was and I felt some peace of mind. I realized all at once how busy our neighborhood and street are.

I spent some time, for the first time in almost two months with former co-workers and went to eat Indian food & just to talk about life. I only have one friend who lives here and it felt tranquil to have a night of just being with people. And not working, or dancing, or sleeping for work or sleeping for dance.