I tried a different studio that was ballet with a more modern flair. Class was a bit cut short & the combinations strayed a lot from classical ballet. I seem to be the only student who wears traditional attire to class. The teacher was nice, patient and threw in some country music. We stretched a lot more than I’m used to & thankful for since the weather is colder. I have been researching point shoes (my original goal was to be on point by age 30) but I never got strong/advanced enough because I traveled instead of taking classes. I have been watching loads of videos and reading dance books. I have taken a huge break from my social life to focus on dance/work. I am also wondering when I can move to intermediate ballet. Also there is a tango workshop I want to attend this fall. I am struggling with dancing with emotion and not just my head, so I thought this would be perfect to learn how to “feel” the music. I’m picking up more shifts to make it work. 

Now, calculating my budget, I’ve taken a break from going to class as much as I want. I’m needing to work more to pay for rent & ballet & groceries & bills. However, I’m bound and determined to do so. Also thinking outside the “box” (pointe shoe reference). I am looking into (finally) finishing my degree starting next fall. Putting good vibes into the universe that the stars will align.

The art of dancing with emotion.

A for Effort