I will say, taking ballet was helpful with Tango class. My teacher corrected me a lot during class & after, said I did well.  I tried closing my eyes to feel the rhythm of my partner move and ended up backing into the mirror. We spent most class going over rhythm, working on arm tension and walking. We also changed partners every two songs, which made the entire dance feel completely different. There was the calm first partner who danced politely and in sync with me, the second Frenchman who reeked of wine & he kept singing along with the music and saying “ah yes, now I see.” I just had to laugh as his boozy-eyed girlfriend lion stared at him in the background. There was the third stiff as a board older man, who kept stopping to relax his shoulders. I wondered if it was me that needed to or him, so I just did it with him.  My palms were noticeably sweaty by the end, however, I loved it so much I stayed to watch the second class. The studio dog decided to join me and crawled up next to me on the couch as I ate cashews and took notes. 

The art of dancing with emotion.