Tango class is getting steamy.

I desperately needed to relax, even if it is for only an hour, once a week. I practically ran to the studio tonight.

My teacher took me away from my partner to show me proper technique for “following the leader.”

“You’re not pushing me back,” he said and dropped his arms, like I was disappointing him.

He then put my hands on his chest as he charged forward like a bull.

“Push me back,” he stated firmly as my partner grinned in the corner, I remained completely straight faced, even though I was dying on the inside.

“Harder,” he shouted, finally I shoved.

“There” he said.  “Give me back 100% of what I give you,” and spun me back into my partner’s arms.

We then worked on embrace. The “tango” embrace. My next partner was the drunk Frenchman from last week…this time he was startling sober.  

My teachers take the center of the room and demonstrate.

“You request her hand, she accepts. Place your hand right into hers no space. Next, find her ribcage. Softly embrace it. (Oh my gosh, just don’t blush Jodie…don’t blush) then the follow (Ladies) takes his shoulder, feel down his arm where you find a groove for your hand. Place it there. Keep contact firm. Okay now grab your partners.”

(Is it just me or is the class starting to feel like I’m IN Dirty Dancing?)

I waited for the Frenchman who politely embraced me. We marched a few steps to tempo. I was so nervous, however he was my height so it felt better than my former partner, I suppose. His palms were sweaty or mine were.

Both our palms were sweaty.

We did two songs with the “embrace,” then talked about passion, emotion and the heartbeat of dance.

I tried to remember all these things, but it’s a lot to remember to such emotional music. Alas, was a beautiful class.