I need to wait for more clarity


Five things I love:

Memorizing steps in ballet effortlessly

First taste of a new flavor

When random little kids smile at me when I’m having a bad day

Made from scratch chicken noodle soup

Buying plants

****    **    ****

Wanderlust is starting to nip at me heels


Day 12 at sea/ I’m tired.  He has drained all of my energy out of me. I’ve had to hermit in my room or on the top of the boat to get away and restore my soul.


I completed my actual first hike up a rocky Cliffside.  I then stripped down to my bra and underwear and laid on the beach.

View from the top. My legs were trembling.  

View from the top. My legs were trembling.  

baja & belize

baja & belize

Nothing on a ship can ever be predicted.